Bonjour, bienvenue au paradis ❤

from 7 dresses, back down to two, which dress do you like better? comment or message me, please & thankyou :) 

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  2. worldwanderluster said: B !!!
  3. outdaed said: B! A is over done
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  5. xinthong said: But you look good in both dresses
  6. hollaa-alexys said: B (:
  7. boulevardlights said: the dipped hem one on the right
  8. mfabulosa said: A
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  10. oshnpearl said: B! :D
  11. eastcoastlovely said: first!
  12. redwinekisses said: b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the way
  13. chelss134 said: B.
  14. beautifulldirteyrichh said: A
  15. yours-for-shore said: B :)
  16. barbie-gone-wild21 said: A
  17. unfately said: Both of them looks gorgeous on you!! But I prefer the B (:
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  19. ohhellobeautiful said: B
  20. still-in-one-piece said: omg …… theyre both gorgeous!!! if you want to look more elegant i would go with B but if you want like a more ‘yeah gonna party it up!’ kind of feel than go with A :D either way you’ll look stunning :D
  21. thearmsoftheoceann said: A!!
  22. lindaobserves said: B!
  23. burnt-passions said: B
  24. stained-converse said: Right one!
  25. foreverstrength said: A!!
  26. coxswainsized said: Have to say A
  27. arkan-alduaij said: B ❤
  28. scarsnstories said: B
  29. prettyinnocentblonde said: B ALL THE WAY
  30. de-marchelier said: A!!!<3
  31. undercover--mermaiid said: Right
  32. radder-than-prada said: *A
  33. alexissurviving said: B :)
  34. imgoingforbroke said: defs B :)
  35. forallthosethingsidontsay said: Green
  36. the-diary-i-never-had said: B looks so good on you!!
  37. vivazara said: B, it compliments more of your figure :)
  38. multifandomprincess said: B! It looks goddessy! :)
  39. personablesmile said: B