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It’s time to put a stop to caking your face with chemical. We are young and to keep young, ditch all those unknown ingredients on your face, and put on something that are clinically validated authentically organic. Juice Beauty offers powerful action without the harmful ingredients.  I am going to go through a few of my favourites from Juice Beauty which are all perfect for the back-to-school season.

 1. Let’s begin with one of my all-time favourite thing, the blush. This time instead of the classic pink shade, I decided to try something a little different. I chose the fig colour, and I am loving it! It works like a bronzer but not too strong. I have added this to my daily routine, with one stroke of the fig along my cheek bone along with a light hint of pink right above the cheek bone. It gives me a very defined structure. This is definitely great for contouring. Plus, even better is that you’re putting on organic fruit extracts and minerals will give your complexion an organic and healthy glow.

 2. Also, on the face section, is the refining finishing powder in the ivory. Although, most of you know that my skin tone is a bit darker than this shade. I have been sticking with lighter shade foundation, just to blend it in with my bronzer, it gives a stronger natural look. This powder works well after wet foundation, but sometimes when I am lazy and I am not too blotchy, I just ditch the foundation and head right to this powder. It leaves my skin super flawless and refined. I has a light matte feel, but looks very natural. Plus, it gives a natural look because of all the natural ingredients used ;)

 3. The correcting concealer in ivory worked very well on my skin. Similar to my current concealer by MAC, but the ingredient difference is something to consider and the price too. I am satisfied with the concealer, and have also added this to my current routine.

 4. Now, moving away from the beauty products, I am so excited to bring this set of brightening shampoo and conditioner to university with me this September. Not only does it smell like sweet citrus but it is also free of all those unneeded ingredients you usually find in your shampoo (ie, parabens, sulfates, glueten,etc). I have dyed my hair a few months ago to a dark brown, but I was hoping for it to be just a little more bright, so this is the perfect set of hair care.


5. This, STEM CELLULAR™ Instant Eye Lift, is one of the best seller. You know all those days when you wake up with dark circles, and sometimes even if you do get 8 hours of sleep, the black circles just wouldn’t go away. Well, this organic innovation will help brighten and lift eyes. It is an eye mask that reduce fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. I am definitely saving this one right after an all nighter, and I have a feeling it will be very soon!


I am very happy with my haul from Juice Beauty. I am in love with their products and the idea behind all their products leaves me very happy minded knowing that these products are safe to apply to my face. Definitely check out all their products, including: skin care, makeup and hair care.

Shop now:  http://www.juicebeauty.com/

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